Package javax.servlet.annotation

Enum Summary
ServletSecurity.EmptyRoleSemantic Represents the two possible values of the empty role semantic, active when a list of role names is empty.
ServletSecurity.TransportGuarantee Represents the two possible values of data transport, encrypted or not.

Annotation Types Summary
HandlesTypes This annotation is used to declare an array of application classes which are passed to a ServletContainerInitializer.
HttpConstraint This annotation represents the security constraints that are applied to all requests with HTTP protocol method types that are not otherwise represented by a corresponding HttpMethodConstraint in a ServletSecurity annotation.
HttpMethodConstraint Specific security constraints can be applied to different types of request, differentiated by the HTTP protocol method type by using this annotation inside the ServletSecurity annotation.
MultipartConfig This annotation is used to indicate that the Servlet on which it is declared expects requests to made using the multipart/form-data MIME type.
ServletSecurity Declare this annotation on a Servlet implementation class to enforce security constraints on HTTP protocol requests.
The container applies constraints to the URL patterns mapped to each Servlet which declares this annotation.

WebFilter The annotation used to declare a Servlet Filter.
WebInitParam The annotation used to declare an initialization parameter on a Servlet or Filter, within a WebFilter or WebServlet annotation.

WebListener The annotation used to declare a listener for various types of event, in a given web application context.

The class annotated MUST implement one, (or more), of the following interfaces: HttpSessionAttributeListener, HttpSessionListener, ServletContextAttributeListener, ServletContextListener, ServletRequestAttributeListener, ServletRequestListener

WebServlet This annotation is used to declare the configuration of an Servlet.

(Built by coreservlets)

As of July 2010, there were no online versions of the servlet 3.0, JSP 2.2, and EL 2.2 Javadocs, except as part of the huge Java EE 6 API. So, I built them myself from the Tomcat 7 source code.

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